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little bit of me…

Meet the Founder of WHYWELOVE…

As I want to keep my life a little bit private but I love to share what I like, I won’t add pictures of me or clothes I’m wearing. Maybe later if people like the blog and request it but now it’s not the time. Nevertheless, I would like to share a little bit of me with you guys as I share my tips and favorite things in the blog.

Who I am?

I’m a Parisian, my name is Gaby, I’m 27 years old and I’m a Press Officer in Fashion and Luxury. I used to live in England, Belgium, Greece and United States. I lived one year in New York. Now I’m back in Paris, it’s a new life, I’m looking for a new job by the way…and I wanted to start this blog to share the places I love to go, what I like in Fashion…

Why did I decide to work in PR? 

During my Master Degree in marketing and Luxury, I enjoyed the experiences I had and one of them was at the Fashion House Jean Paul Gaultier. I was not a big fan of him before I started to work for his company. Finally, I discovered how his company is magical, his imagination is great, I loved to discover the man and his conception of Fashion. He’s now one of my favorite Designers. I really liked the PR environment, the fact to meet stylists and celebrities’ assistants and to work with them daily. I had the opportunity to meet great people and I will never forget this experience. In PR the most important thing is the contact. You have to be reliable and sociable to succeed in this job.

What do you love in Fashion?

I love the fact that everyone can find its own style. So many brands and designers are on the market now. The diversity is bigger than few years ago.

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

About clothes? I would say my Jean Paul Gaultier cocktail dress that I received as gift after my job over there, a beautiful black dress, vintage cocktail dress I found in Brooklyn in a Vintage Shop which was 50% off (a great bargain), I paid 11 Dollars and which is amazing and looks like a dress form a designer, A Blue cocktail dress I found in Century 21 in New York in Financial District, A pink Mango dress I bought in New York, A black H&M cocktail dress I love to wear. A Zara skirt bought in Paris and Ralph Lauren sweaters and Polos. A H&M Beige Trench Coat. And shirts and underwear form Victoria’s Secret.

About bags? My Ralph Lauren Navy bag, a lovely piece for summer and my Michael Kors Brown leather bag which suits every events.

About Shoes? Michael Kors cocktail shoes with strass, my Navy shoes bought at Lord and Taylor in New York and my Burberry rain boots

Clothes don’t need to be very expensive if you know how to marry the pieces between them.  

My style? Navy, Chic and Preppy!

And your next purchases in clothes?

I would like to find a nice yellow raincoat and red Hunter rain boots to create a rainy look.

I also like the Bambi sweaters from Givenchy.

What are your favorite products in Beauty?

I really love products from Clarins. It’s a good brand with a large range of choice for every skin. My daily cream is from Clarins. I really like Lancôme products as well to clean my face.

About Make-Up, Make Up For Ever has good products as well as Benefit Cosmetics or Guerlain.

My favorite product for lips is Dior, I’m in love with Dior Addict lipsticks. I like Saint-Laurent also. Chanel and l’Oréal have good products also for make-up foundation. For foundation I usually use Estée Lauder.

For my nails, I love OPI, Essie (I have so many Essie products) and Revlon.

And another brand I use sometimes is Yves Rocher.

What are your favorite Perfumes?

We never talk a lot about it but my favorite perfume is Hot Couture from Givenchy. I love the scent, it’s amazing. I will do an article soon about this amazing perfume.

Another one I love is Love from Chloé, I felt in love with this scent. The same I had for Trésor from Lancôme.

The fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier is amazing.

I also really like Escada, Ricci Ricci form Nina Ricci, Tresor in Love from Lancôme, Amor Amor from Cacharel, Insolence from Guerlain and Alien from Thierry Mugler.

Here are all my favorites!

What are the brands to follow?

I think Victoria Beckham did a great job with her collection. I really like Roland Mouret as well and I discovered Prabal Gurung I was really surprise, I love his collection, it’s really fresh, full of ideas and style. This is my favorite collection from the last Fashion Week of New York.

What do you expect from the blog?

I don’t really expect anything, I’m doing it for fun and because I’m a lover of Fashion, People, Beauty and trends. I try to develop ideas I like and to share my tips. If people don’t like it they can follow other blog. I’m knew in the Blog world and I don’t know how to proceed in every tasks. I need to learn. As it is a new passion I will do it seriously. My advice are my opinion but can be different for other people, that’s why, I’m open to comments and to ideas. I just share things I like!

A last word?

I hope people will enjoy the blog as much as I love to work on it every day.

And that's WHYWELOVE My Interview! 

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