Winter, what a beautiful season. Winter was not my favorite season but I can say I learnt to love Winter and today I can see its good sides! 

When the sun is in the garden the light seems so nice and like a picture from a magazine. Winter it's also Christmas, good times with friends, going to ski, Christmas gifts, the lights in the streets, the moments in family, to party all night on New Year's Eve, a New Year to realize new dreams and new objectives, have fun in the snow, to wear its best pairs of boots to impress, to eat good winter meals (with lots of cheese in France)! 

Winter is cold that's true but it's also the time to share with other and our family. As we are saying in French "le partage". In order to make the season hotter in our hearts!

For me Winter is the time to visit Christmas Markets, we have really nice ones in Alsace and Lille. The time to go out and to eat Winter's meals with my friends. Sometimes, to stay home in my bed and pyjamas with a hot chocolat and my favorite tv show or movie. And also the time to be with my boyfriend and to share all the magical moments of Winter!

Here are few places I love to go during Winter:

- To shop at the Printemps or Galeries Lafayette on Saturday, the equivalent of Harrods in London or Bloomingdale's, Saks Fith Avenue or Macy's in New York.

- Brunch Time on Sunday (Article soon about brunch), in New York, I love to go to The Grey Dog in Nolita, Café Orlin in Saint Marks Place, Sarabeth's on Madison or Barking Dog in the Upper East Side. In Paris, I love to go to Le Pain Quotidien (even in Belgium), I also like to go to the Réservoir, a brunch with a Jazz concert and to the Ellis Island Café for an American Brunch. I also like to go to Starbucks in London, Paris or New York! Never disappointed!

- I love to go in Café in Paris near Odéon or le Marais and Le Printemps in Haussmann which offer a nice view of Paris with a nice Terasse! In London I liked Costa Coffee Shop and in New York, take a drink at Max Brenner, The Palace Hotel or at the Plaza!

- During the week, I love to walk in gardens in Paris such as, Les Tuileries or Le Jardin du Luxembourg and in New York, no surprise, Central Park! 

- I also enjoy going to the cinema a lot and one of my favorite theather is AMC Theater on Broadway! And talking about Broadway, I love to see Musical Shows during Winter! 

I will do other articles about places such as Museums or exhibitions! 

90 days and then Spring is back, wonderful spring, to start to wear skirts and dresses, to begin a new romance!

And that's WHYWELOVE Winter! 

And you? Why do you love Winter? 

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