I wanted to start my first article about London. I have been to this wonderful city few days ago and I felt in love with the people, the monuments, the air, the colors...

London, for most of the people it's only bad food, red, strong accent and very cold. I was agree with all these tips before my arrival and I completely changed my mind in few minutes. The truth is when you arrive in the city, for a French girl like me, you look happy.

The People? No grumpy people in the subway such as Paris and when you are lost, people takes time to help you (I was not used to that)! I was surprised to discover how people can be very friendly even if the counrty is not that far from mine.

The Weather? Not that cold, exactly the same as Paris or a little bit colder but the happiness in the environment makes the city less colder. 

The Food? Ok England has no good reputation for the meals but the best thing is to discover how English cook. I discovered a very nice meal from a pub and the food was amazing with a cold cider. This made my day! I also discovered a place called VQ Café & Diner.

The City? So many museum to visit (you have to make a donation, you can feel free to give the amount you want). You can also visit the famous area such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye, Covent Garden, Hyde Park...

Shopping? Harrods is THE PLACE for luxury products. Very nice interiors. And if like me in this moment your budget is not that huge you can have a look at Primark! In this place you can find everything! The store will open soon in Paris and I'm pretty sure it will be a huge success. I didn't have to go to this store but Victoria's Secret, one of my favorite store in the US has a boutique in London. The only one in Europe and just for this reason, you need to check the products and the beautiful pink environment. 

Musicals? I had the chance to see a musical during my trip, The Phantom of the Opera. I will make an article soon about this nice French story at the Garnier Opera. An amazing show with talentuous performers. My favorite show and I saw other show in the US and France. West End has good show and plays. I recommend you to see one, it's not really expensive, from £25 about 30€/ US$ 41. 

So WhyWeLove London? London it's not only the Queen (they have Harry so it's a good reason to make a trip to see him), it's also nice people, nice food, lot of gardens, museums, places to visit and also famous places such as Notting Hill or Warwick Avenue. 

London is more expensive for me as Pound is higher than Euros, it costed me:

Budget: 180€ for the flight (US$ 248 - £152) and I spent 200€ (US$275 - £269) for the rest (meals, 3 times at the restaurants, small gifts and cards, subway (underground) tickets, I was at a friend's place during the night so I didn't pay an hotel).

And that's WHYWELOVE London! 

London I will be back for sure!

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